Genoil President Bruce Abbott

On March 9th at our Production Central studios in SoHo we spoke with GenOil (GNOLF, OTCMKTS) President Bruce Abbott. Founded in 1996, GenOil is working to develop energy projects around the world with the goal of growing world oil production by 10 million barrels per day. Most recently we have signed letters of intent for  … Read more

Interview with Sean Folkson from Nightfood

On March 9th at our Production Central studios in SoHo we spoke with NightFood (NGTF, OTCMKTS) CEO Sean Folkson.     NightFood tackles the problem of nighttime snacking.  Over 70% of adults snack regularly at night, with most making unhealthy choices before bed.  We spoke with CEO Sean Folkson on the size of the nighttime  … Read more

Discussions with Bigfoot Project Investments

Does Bigfoot exist?  Most definitely says Bigfoot Project Investments (BGFT, OTCBB) which has proof of the sasquatch’s survival. In this blog post we review our conversation with Michael Greene, thermal imaging specialist of Bigfoot Project Investments. We also spoke with TJ Biscardi, a member of the Bigfoot executive board. Bigfoot Project Investments was founded in  … Read more

Interview with William Doyle, CEO of Vystar

Recently we spoke with Vystar (VYST, OTCMKTS) CEO William Doyle and Julie Shepherd, Head of Public Relations for Vystar, the company that created Vytex, the cleanest natural rubber latex available. According to Shepherd, Vystar is focusing on the furniture industry as people are looking to learn more about natural latex products that are available. Vystar  … Read more

Every brand has a story to tell — what’s yours?

  As an emerging public company, it’s important that you keep communication open and develop a strong relationship with potential shareholders. No matter what method of advertising you use — whether it be social media marketing, print advertising, or TV advertising, you want your audience to feel a connection with your brand. How to Effectively  … Read more

You’re Public, Now What?

  Your company recently went public – what’s the next step? As a growing, successful business, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best ROI out of your marketing strategies. Now that your company is public, you want to be able to secure a successful financial future for your business. These tips will  … Read more

The Power of Video

  It’s official. People love video. Period. Ever since the early 20th century, it’s been a force of nature. When movies and television came to life, it unveiled a new media evolution, and by 1955, half of all American homes had a black and white TV Today, video is everywhere, from TV to online to  … Read more