Beaconforce CEO Luca Rosetti at the NIBA Conference in Manhattan



Beaconforce CEO Luca Rosetti at the National Investment Banking Association Conference.


We spoke to Beaconforce’s CEO Luca Rosetti at the National Investment Banking Association Conference on November 14, 2017. Beaconforce is a B2B SaaS tool that measures the intrinsic motivation of employees in real time. The company was founded by Luca Rosetti and a team of behavioral consultants, business leaders, scientists, and engineers in 2017 and the people management software platform sets out to solve the biggest problem in business today: Managers  are flying blind in managing their people. According to Rosetti, “Our platform collects real time data from people and provides managers with insights on how their employees are performing at work on a personal level. Based on these analytics Beaconforce delivers recommendations powered by artificial intelligence that help managers take better decisions in their daily work.”

Beaconforce CEO Luca Rosetti being interviewed by New To The Street’s Ken Evseroff.


Beaconforce launched their software in May of 2017 and has been able to generate more than a million dollars of annualized revenue. Beaconforce’s clients include Ikea and PwC. The company is looking forward to working with even bigger teams in new markets London, New York, and Toronto in 2018. You can reach Beanconforce at [email protected]. Hashtags: #beaconforce, #saas