Interview with Sean Folkson from Nightfood

On March 9th at our Production Central studios in SoHo we spoke with NightFood (NGTF, OTCMKTS) CEO Sean Folkson.


Nightfood CEO Sean Folkson with New To The Street News Anchor Jane King


NightFood tackles the problem of nighttime snacking.  Over 70% of adults snack regularly at night, with most making unhealthy choices before bed.  We spoke with CEO Sean Folkson on the size of the nighttime snack problem, what people eat at night, and why they do it. According to Folkson, “The most popular choices for snacks before bed and cookies, chips, ice cream, and candy. Unhealthy food choices that can be disruptive to sleep quality. NightFood creates products that offer better nighttime snack options in a better, healthier, more sleep friendly way.” NightFood provides consumers better nighttime snack choices with the NightFood nutrition bars, and would like to expand into other snack formats in the near future.


Folkson enjoyed participating in NightFood’s last episode on NTTS and finds the show “to be a great experience always.”




NightFood Crave Monster bars

You can contact NightFood at 888-888-NIGHT (888-888-6555) or email [email protected].